Hjem Politikk Forsvar Trump mot røkla, NATO-møtet edition

Trump mot røkla, NATO-møtet edition


Utvalgte deler av Presidentens pressekonferanse i dag fra NATO toppmøtet. OBS! Elsk eller Hat -varsel!

Uansett – i tillegg til viktig informasjon om internasjonal sikkerhetspolitikk – kan den som gidder få et innblikk i hvorfor bl.a. Scott Adams omtaler Trump som en mester i overtalelse-teknikker (persuasion), selge og holde fokus på egen agenda, skjære gjennom tåkeprat osv. Finn fram kaffikoppen!

TRUMP: I was very firm yesterday…I was here last year, I let them know last year in a less firm manner but pretty firm.. and they raised an additional thirty three billion dollars I think going to forty billion but it’s thirty three billion dollars as of today and then today and yesterday I was probably a little bit more firm..


TRUMP: I can tell you that NATO now is really a fine-tuned machine, people are paying money that they never paid before.. they’re happy to do it and the United States is being treated much more fairly..


BLOOMBERG: Maybe I’m being dense here but could you just clarify; are you still threatening to potentially pull the United States out of NATO for any reason and do you believe you can do that without Congress’s explicit support and approval?


TRUMP: I think I probably can but that’s unnecessary and the people have stepped up today like they’ve never stepped up before and remember the word 33 billion dollars more they’re paying and you’ll hear that from the secretary-general [Jens Stoltenberg] in a little while..


..he thanked me, actually he said.. he actually thanked me and everybody in the room thanked me.


There’s a great collegial spirit in that room that I don’t think they’ve had in many years they’re very strong.. so yeah very very unified, very strong, no problem. Right? No problem.


ASSOCIATED PRESS: You have said previously one of the countries to step up they’re spending a 2% yesterday the suggestion might be 4% or perhaps 2% in a much quicker timetable can you clarify what did they commit to doing is that satisfactory to you?


TRUMP: what they’re doing is spending at a much faster clip, they’re going up to the 2% level…they have to go to.. so you know they’re here as a prime minister or as a president and they can’t necessarily go in and say this is what we’re going to do, but they’re going back [to each nations parliament etc.] for approvals.


Some are at 2% others have agreed definitely to go to 2% and some are going back to get the approval, and which they will get[!] to go to 2%.


Afterward 2% will start talking about going higher but I said ultimately we should be in years in advance we should be at 4%, I think 4% it’s the right number.

..and we have the largest GDP by far especially since we’ve increased it by so much since a thing called THE ELECTION…



VEČERNJI LIST: we understand your message but some people ask themselves; will you be tweeting differently once you board the Air Force One?

TRUMP: No that’s other people that do that. I don’t, I’m very consistent.
Illustrasjonsbilde, fra video: Trump vs Talking Heads – Swedemason



CNN [naturligvis]: ..with regards to Germany and the comments that you made yesterday do you feel like given the threats that you made about potentially leaving NATO about insulting Germany’s sovereignty it appears by sea testing they are totally controlled by Russia do you feel like that’s an effective way to conduct diplomacy?


TRUMP: Yeah I think it’s a very effective way to to deal, but I didn’t deal exactly the way you said.. I have great respect for Germany my father’s from Germany..


..so we have now got it [NATO] to a point where people are paying a lot more money and that’s starting really last year…we had a big impact.

Again, we took in 33 billion dollars more, and if you ask Secretary General Stoltenberg he gives us total credit. Meaning ME I guess in this case. Total credit.

..we had a really good meeting today. We had a great meeting in terms of in terms of getting along.


I know most of the people in the room because of last year because of the year and a half that we’ve been in office year and a half plus,

but we have a great relationship everybody in that room by the time we left got along and they agreed to pay more and they agreed to pay it more quickly..



WASHINGTON POST: You tweeted yesterday «what good is NATO» and you’ve talked about NATO as an alliance that benefits Europe that defends and protects Europe. Do you see any value of NATO to the United States vis-a-vis Russia.. does it help protect the United States from Russia in your view..?


TRUMP: ..you know what was happening with spending prior to my getting into office.. the numbers were going down, now the numbers have gone up like a rocket ship! The numbers have gone up a lot and they’ve gone up rapidly and they’re now going up further so I think NATO is going to be very very effective.


I’m very impressed with and and really know and he’s a friend of mine but Secretary General Stoltenberg has done a fantastic job and putting it all together and we were the ones that really we gave him an extension of his contract as you know I think he’s done a really good job..


..I think that when I was saying that I am very concerned with the pipeline I don’t like the pipeline and when I talk about NATO I said how do you have NATO and then you have somebody paying the people that you’re protecting against..



UKJENT MEDIE: ..will you recognize Russia’s annex.. will you recognize Crimea as part of Russia?

TRUMP: Oh that’s an interesting question because you know long before I got here President Obama allowed that to happen. That was on his watch not on my watch.
You know people like to say Oh Crimea, but the fact is they built bridges to Crimea.. they just opened a big bridge that was started years ago, they built I think a submarine port.. substantially.. added billions of dollars..
So that was on Barack Obama’s watch that was not on Trump’s watch.
what I have allowed it to happen no I would not have allowed it to happen but he did allow it to happen so that was his determination what will happen with Crimea doing that I can’t tell you but I’m not happy about Crimea but again that was Barack Obama’s watched not Trump’s watch.



UKJENT MEDIE: ..guarantee the taxpayers that the new money that is flowing into NATO will be spent in the best possible way..?


TRUMP:  Well, the money will be spent properly…the United States makes by far the best military equipment in the world, the best jets, the best missiles, the best guns, the best everything.


We make by far.. that’s one thing.. I guess I assumed it prior to taking office, but I really learned since being president:

Our equipment is so much better than anybody else’s equipment!


When you look at our companies Lockheed and Boeing and Grumman.. the material..the equipment that we make is so far superior, everybody wants to buy our equipment. In fact it’s a question; can they make it? ..because they are doing very well; can they make it for so many people?


So we are helping some of those countries get online and buy the best equipment..


FOX NEWS: On your upcoming summit with President Putin, did any of your allies here express any specific concerns or talk to you about any messages that they’d like you to take with you when you go to the summit?


TRUMP: Yeah, just the opposite of concern they actually.. and they’ll probably come out with a little bit of an edict, but they actually thanked me for meeting with President Putin.


I look forward to the meeting.. they thanked me, they thought it was a great thing that I was doing it and they gave us our best wishes..


Now with that being said, we’ll see what happens, it’s just a loose meeting, it’s not gonna be big schedule.. I don’t think it should take a very long period of time and we’ll see where it leads, but it could lead to productive.. something very productive..


And maybe it’s not, but I I think meeting with people is great! We had a great meeting with chairman Kim and I’ll tell you Mike Pompeo did a fantastic job..

the main thing is there have been no rocket launches there have been no missile tests there’s been no nuclear tests no explosions no nothing for almost nine months okay



THE GUARDIAN: Your trip to the UK; there are lots of protests planned in London and elsewhere, how do you feel about that?

TRUMP: I think it’s fine, I mean I think they like me a lot in the UK. I think they agree with me on immigration, I’m very strong on immigration.
I made a point today I said; you’ve got to stop! Your ruining your..
You’re gonna have a lot of problems.. you see what’s going on throughout the world with immigration.. I probably at least partially won an election because of immigration. If you look at Italy.. Giuseppe [Italias statsminister Giuseppe Conte] who I got to know quite well over the last month and a half, he won his election because of strong immigration policies on Italy.
I think that a lot of the people in the UK.. I think that’s why Brexit happened!
Now I don’t know what’s going on with the [Brexit] negotiation, who knows but.. and I guess that’s become a very interesting point of contention.
I said; I’m going to a few hot spots.. we have NATO, we have the UK and then we have Putin, and I said Putin may be the easiest of them all! You never know, but I’m going to a pretty hot spot right now, right, with a lot of resignations,
but I will say that immigration is a very important thing and I told him [antakelig Giuseppe Conte] today.. the EU, the European Union better be very careful, because immigration is taking over Europe and they better be very, very careful and I said that loud and clear!



BBC: I just just wonder you think you’re gonna get along with President Putin, I mean why do you think that? Is there something you admire about him.. and the second question cuz he’s just about to..


TRUMP: Well, he’s a competitor. He’s been very nice to me the times I’ve met him I’ve been nice to him.. he’s a competitor.


You know somebody was saying is he an enemy! Nah, he isn’t my enemy. Is he your friend? No I don’t know him well enough, but the couple of times that I’ve gotten to meet him we got along very well, you saw that.


I hope we get along well, I think we get along well, but ultimately he’s a competitor. He’s representing Russia, I’m representing the United States, so in a sense we’re competitors.


Not a question a friend or enemy.. he’s not my enemy and hopefully someday maybe he’ll be a friend, it could happen but I just don’t know him very well, I’ve met him a couple of times and when I did meet him most of you people were there..



BBC: ..on Brexit, sorry sir, but you are going to the UK, what will be your message on Brexit?


TRUMP: well Brexit…I have no message, it’s not for me to say..

..I own a lot of property there I’m going to Scotland while I wait for the meeting I have Turnberry in Scotland which is a magical place one of my favourite places..


..the people voted to break it up so I would imagine that’s what they’ll do but maybe they take it a little bit of a different route so I don’t know if that’s what they voted for..

.. sure they’ll be protest because they’re always protest..

..but I believe that the people in the UK, Scotland, Ireland, as you know I have property in Ireland of property all over I think..


..that those people they like me a lot and they agree with me on immigration and I think that’s why you have Brexit in the first place, because of immigration .



ILTALEHTI: What would be the best deal with Putin when you come to Helsinki and don’t you think that your hast [hasty, hastverk?] diplomacy that you are playing in the same goal.. to the same goal that Putin, with your hast[?] diplomacy?

TRUMP: Well..you know I can’t tell you what would be the ultimate.. what would be the ultimate.. well let’s see:


No more nuclear weapons anywhere in the world would be the ultimate okay no more Wars no more problems no more conflict let’s find a cure to every disease known to mankind or womankind that would be my ultimate okay and we’ll start from there okay?



ARD: You said Putin isn’t  an enemy, isn’t a friend, just a competitor competitor.. Do you consider him as a security threat for Europe or to the US?


TRUMP: Hey, I don’t want him to be and that’s I guess why we have NATO and that’s why we have a United States that just had the largest military budget ever 700 billion approved.. 716 billion next year..


No, I hope that we’ll be able to get along.. I’ve said from day one whether it’s China or Russia..

You know we’re working on trade with China right now and I don’t say that’s an easy situation, because that’s been years of abuse of the United States by presidents frankly, that allowed that to happen.
So I’ve taken over a lot of bad hands and I’m fixing each one of them and I’m fixing them well, but China is going to be I think very successfully ultimately taken care of.

I have a great respect for their president as you know President Xi spent two days there was among the most magical two days I’ve ever lived and I think we’re going to end up doing something very good with China.


Right now we’re in a pretty nasty trade battle but I think ultimately that’ll work out I really think we have a big advantage you know we picked up eight trillion dollars in value and worth since I became president and we’re close to two times the size of China a lot of people don’t know that and you know we’re going to negotiate a fair deal if that’s possible okay..


..and Russia.. Russia I think getting along with Russia also would be a very good thing.



ASABA TUNISIA: We really admire what you are doing in North Africa [which is?] and we really wish and hope that something again will be done in the Middle East to avoid people more wars and more blood and more killings..


TRUMP: We’re looking for peace in Africa as you know.. so on our very strong list, but we’re looking for peace, we want peace all over, we want to solve problems, we’re looking for peace!


Africa right now has got problems like few people would even understand. They have things going on there that nobody could believe in this room. If you saw some of the things that I see through intelligence what’s going on in Africa, it is so sad, it’s so vicious and violent..


And we want peace. We want peace for Africa, we want peace all over the world. That’s my number one goal. Peace all over the world.

And we’re building up a tremendous military because I really believe through strength, you get peace.

But we’re gonna have a military like we’ve never had before. We’ve given out orders for you know what the best fighter jets in the world, the best ships, the best everything, but hopefully we’ll never have to use them.


That would be a dream, to buy the best stuff, to have the best stuff to have the best equipment in the world and to never have to use it would be a really great part of my dream.



Thank you very much everybody, thank you.