Hjem Ideologi Multikultur Siste fra Identitærbevegelsen – #FreeTommyRobinson & Trump London 14.juli

Siste fra Identitærbevegelsen – #FreeTommyRobinson & Trump London 14.juli

Foto: Generation Identity

Press release 14 July 2018, London: Generation Identity: Making our presence felt at the Tommy march

Thousands of patriots and free speech protesters assembled at Whitehall today to defy the political imprisonment of Tommy Robinson, who has now been in prison for almost two months.
We in Generation Identity made our presence known by deploying two banners, one declaring “British girls matter, stop grooming gangs” and another declaring that Tommy Robinson be set free.

Tommy robinson sits in a prison cell because he dared to call out the systematic grooming of thousands of young British girls, whilst his imprisonment was swift the perpetrators of these sex crimes go through long, winded legal processes. This means victims and their families have to endure emotional pain.


Press release 14 July 2018, London: Generation Identity: Exposing the phony outrage of the left by protesting Baby Trump Balloon

Yesterday morning, Generation Identity activists from London unfurled a banner right next to the puerile Baby Trump balloon. Amongst the crowd were feminists and left wing protesters who happily support third-world mass immigration – despite the resulting increase in horrific sex crimes. Instead of directing outrage at the grooming scandals in Telford, Oxford and Rotherham they have decided to protest the arrival of the democratically elected President of the United States. This hypocritical double standard is a betrayal of the thousands of young British girls who have suffered doubly; first raped by Pakistani Muslim criminals and then ignored by our political and media elites.

We at Generation Identity are shocked and horrified by the increasingly frequent reports of ‘Asian’ grooming gang activity in the U.K. Over 1500 British girls were sexually abused in Rotherham, in the first and still most notorious of these cases to come to light, and recently the appalling revelations in Telford have disgusted the nation. Estimates of around 1000 victims, including two murdered, have been reported in Shropshire. The result of which has not been a mass protest by the left, but rather shameful silence and frivolous hysteria against President Donald Trump.


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