Hjem Ukategorisert Rush: Trump mot røkla, Putin-møtet edition – del II

Rush: Trump mot røkla, Putin-møtet edition – del II


Mer forklaring fra Rush Limbaugh: «Sumpen» begynner å forstå at spillet i realiteten er over. De har løpt linen ut. OG kanskje de selv eller i hvert fall egne lederfigurer vil bli de «jagede». Som de nevnte Bill Browder og George Soros, toppene i Demokratene, kanskje til og med Hillary og Obama!


RUSH: ..I think the real question here why all of this hysteria… It’s not because they think Trump sold the country out to Russia and didn’t defend the intelligence community. That’s not what this is, because that didn’t happen..


..But they [PKMedia, «sumpen», andre Trump-hatere..] don’t really think Trump is selling the country out. They’re frustrated they can’t stop Trump, and now they’re at their wits’ end.


So now Trump is treasonous, Trump is a traitor, Trump is worse than Hitler, Trump’s this and that. They’ve lost all perspective and sense of proportion here, and I think that I know why.


I think I know why they really believe that Trump is this dastardly guy, ’cause I think they believe that Trump colluded with Putin in this press conference.


When you review the things that happened that nobody is talking about — and remember when this thing starts, the Drive-Bys [Limbaugh’s uttrykk for MSM/PKMedia] are convinced (and they’ve been convinced for two years) they’re gonna get Trump.


And they’ve got the Mueller indictment that dropped on Friday, and they haven’t… You know, they’re on the verge of figuring out what they [that] really means.


But they’re not there yet because they’ve got this presser and they’re gonna nail Trump and they’re gonna finally get Trump to admit that the Russians did have something to do with that election. And that’s all they need!


Just one morsel of Trump acknowledging that and they are off to the races with, “Trump colluded.”


But Trump foiled them! Not only did Trump not acknowledge even Russian meddling, he turned it around on them by asking them about the Democrat server and where it is.


Because that’s where the hacking took place and why don’t the Democrats want the FBI to see that?


But it was later in the press conference that the press had its lunch handed to ’em.


Trump responds to the question about Russian interfering by talking about the servers and then he describes his genuine election victory and gives Electoral College detail. That is to exclamation point the fact that he won. He talked about the Electoral College victory and how sweeping it was. It could not have been because of any collusion.


He drove home the point that he legitimately won this. So that’s an insult, that he’s confronting them, he’s denying them what they want.


And then, he handed things over to Putin. He said, “Putin has an interesting idea I’ll let him tell you about.” Now, there’s all kinds of camera shutters clicking and room noise and media getting ready to shout questions, and it wasn’t readily available that Trump said that. But he said, “He has an interesting idea,” Putin does, “I’ll let him tell you about.”


Putin then, as if in a relay race, picks up the baton — and in what has to have been an agreed-upon procedure, Putin offered two proposals. He offered up the Russians named in the Friday indictment.


He told Mueller’s team — he looked in the camera’s eye and he said to Mueller –“Come on over and interview them here. Come investigate in Russia.” Since Russia and the U.S. have an extradition treaty, Putin suggested that Mueller go through channels and ask to have the Russians sent to the U.S. Putin said, “Yeah, I’ve heard about that; I’ll look into it.”


He’s mocking them. They’re mocking the whole thing! Trump and Putin are mocking, and this is why they [say] Trump sold out America. Because Trump is working with Putin in a press conference to embarrass the Drive-Bys. That’s what’s got ’em so bugged. Not that Trump sold out the country to Russia and not that Trump sold out the intel community.


It’s that Trump and Putin were working together to undermine the media in the media’s effort to destroy Trump!


Trump says, “Putin has an interesting idea. I’ll let him tell you about it.”


Which means Trump knows it’s coming, and then Putin says two things, “Hey, Mueller, come here. Come to Russia. Investigate the people you’ve charged here. I will make them available — and then if you want to extradite ’em, go through channels, and we’ll see if we can make it happen.”


Well, that’s not on the agenda! Mueller doesn’t want these people extradited. Mueller doesn’t want to charge these people. He’s handed the case off to the counter-intel division. Then Putin drops the second bomb, pulls the pin out of the grenade, and said that America…


(paraphrased [Putin] ) “Since you people are so interested in investigations,

..America should help Russia investigate the U.S. intelligence community having funneled $400 million to the Hillary Clinton campaign via Bill Browder,” and he throws George Soros’s name in there.


So if you’re the American media and you are hell-bent on getting Donald Trump — and you’ve been trying to convince the American people for two years that Putin and Trump to steal the election from Hillary — and if you’ve believed every day that you’re gonna get Trump somehow, some way…


You’re on the verge. You become smug and you’ve become arrogant, and you have become condescending. You are convinced that Trump is toast, is just a matter of time, and then this press conference comes.


And this press conference was gonna be the place that all of this was exposed and Trump was gonna be exposed and shown to have been the beneficiary of Vladimir Putin rigging the election for Hillary Clinton to lose, and what happens? Trump throws the baton to Putin. Putin says, “Hey, Mueller, come over here, investigate all you want.


“We might even help you get those guys back to America,” and then says America should help him — Putin and Russia — investigate the U.S. intelligence community having funneled $400 million to the Hillary Clinton campaign via Bill Browder.


Putin has two ideas; both of them mock the media. Trump appears in on it by suggesting, “Putin’s got a couple of great ideas” and passing him the microphone. This is what got ’em. They just are beside themselves.


Hele denne mye lengre utskriften fra Rush Limbaugh, er god og viktig. Anbefalt lesning.
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