Hjem Kort fra Nyhetsstrøm Trump-Kim toppmøtet – utvalgte fra «Twitteriatet» ..og en video

Trump-Kim toppmøtet – utvalgte fra «Twitteriatet» ..og en video




..og et interessant alternativt perspektiv:



(Satirevarsel 😀 )
DE SPELD: «Canada starts nuclear program in hopes of better relationship with Trump
by Jop Eikelboom and Jochem van den Berg

Canada will start developing nuclear weapons as soon as possible. The country hopes to improve the relationship with the United States. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: «The relationship between Canada and the US is currently very tense. By building a number of nuclear heads we hope to normalize everything again. The ambition is to shoot test missiles in Lake Michigan before the end of the year. »


Og hva med Iran??


..eller er Pakistan neste??



..og Norges Stasminister?