Hjem Kort fra Nyhetsstrøm Sydney Morning Herald tar Nobelkomiteen på kornet (og støtter Trump-tildeling)

Sydney Morning Herald tar Nobelkomiteen på kornet (og støtter Trump-tildeling)


‘The Nobel Committee has something of a fetish for awarding the Peace Prize to centre-Left American politicians, regardless of merit.’


Videre fra artikkelen:

Former vice president Al Gore, on the other hand, won the prize for his celebrity endorsement of climate-change doom-mongering.


In Barack Obama’s case in 2009, the rationale was weaker still: he had not even been in office a year and had achieved virtually nothing for the cause of peace during that time.

[Og ble nominert til prisen etter mindre en 2 uker som president..!]


But he was a symbol of hope to centre-Left types around the world, who could not yet imagine the anarchy he would bring to Libya or the ceaseless wars he would wage with drones.


Christopher Hitchens var ikke uenig:


..og Sydney Morning Herald var ikke ferdig:

This year’s prize should go to an American leader who has earned it, for once: Donald Trump.


But will the Nobel Committee free itself from its ideological straitjacket to give it to him?


President Trump is everything that Obama was not. He is a man of the Right, not the Left. He is brash and intensely disliked by much of world opinion, especially elite opinion. Obama had a soft touch and was loved almost as greatly as Trump is despised.


Yet the only thing that should matter is what Trump has achieved, in contrast to what Obama did not.

Valium og luktesalt avsendes Nobelkomiteen!


Og Norsk PKMedia?

De fortsetter naturligvis sin smålige, ondskapsfulle furting, over at presidentembedet i USA nå sist ikke ble tildelt etter «fordi hun fortjener det» -prinsippet. Slik det ble i 2008:

Faksimile, VG.no


Faksimile, VG


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