Hjem Politikk Våpen Is the war on guns a war on men?

Is the war on guns a war on men?

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First published on Liberty Nation

In the olden days, every man felt naked without his gun – or his sword, or his stone age club. The capacity to exert violence was part of a man’s job description. His purpose and function in society and relation to his own family was to protect his wife and children from dangers, be they wild animals or enemy tribes.

Modern society has changed, but our biology is still the same today as it was in the stone age. Just as women tend to experience an urge to have children, men tend to have an urge to own a gun – to protect and hunt. That’s a core part of male identity.

And in the olden days not only was this identity accepted, but men were honored for it. To this day, we tell stories about our war heroes and show them our great appreciation for their courage and risk-taking to protect us all.

The left – which is infected by toxic femininity – wants to take guns away from men for the same reason that they want to de-masculinize society. It’s part of a war on men.

On the surface, gun control has nothing to do with feminism. However, a closer inspection reveals the connection. As part of the idea of blaming an inanimate object for causing murder, the left needs to dispel the idea of the good guy with a gun.

To the conservative, a psycho with a gun is the exception, but that is precisely the time you need lots of good men with guns around so that they can protect us all from the lunatic. All the evidence in the world is on the side of gun advocates, and if the left cared about facts, the debate would have been over long ago.

But the problem is that the left fundamentally does not believe in good men. We see this in public school, where boys are being punished and drugged for not behaving like good girls.

That may very well explain why so many boys suddenly want to dress up as girls and change their gender. A man doesn’t have to be a genius to notice that men are deeply unappreciated and even despised in the culture at large. Heaps of praise are thrown at women, and they experience encouragement everywhere. Men, mostly, are told that they are patriarchal bullies who oppress.

If you truly believed that every man is a ticking time bomb of toxic masculinity, you would not care about statistics. You would be crazy not to advocate abolishing gun ownership.

However, a war against masculinity and fatherhood is a dangerous path. We humans are similar in many ways to our chimp cousins, but a key difference that makes us human is fatherhood. Human children have fathers, chimps don’t. They have anonymous sperm donors. Every chimp grows up raised by a single mother.

How do male chimps behave? Very violently. Thus, a key component in transforming boys into peaceful, responsible men is the presence of a good father. In the absence of fathers, little boys start behaving more like violent chimps.

The left cites the gun murder rate as a key piece of evidence for gun control. However, it turns out that most murders in America occur in just a small fraction of the population in a tiny number of very specific areas, mostly poor inner-city neighborhoods.

Paradoxically, the violent men with guns in these neighborhoods are mostly fatherless, which we know is the true source of toxic masculinity. The irony is that if all these troubled young men had fathers who bonded with them and brought them out into the woods, teaching them to shoot and hunt, they too would likely be good guys with guns.


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