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Ideological Possession of the Extreme Left

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First published at Liberty Nation

More than a century has passed since the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche agonized that Western intellectuals had killed God and that they would never be able to wash the blood off their hands. Amazingly, he foresaw the genocidal ideology of communism that would replace God and glimpsed the nihilism that is now consuming the remnants of the West.

The death of Satan might have been a catastrophe of even greater magnitude.

Before the decline of Christianity in the West, it was common knowledge that every man had the capacity for great evil, personified through the great evil whisperer Satan. Across the entire mythological landscape, it was widely known that evil operates in the shadows. Trolls explode, and vampires burn in sunlight. Satan is a creature of darkness and gains power by the subtle use of persuasion. His power comes from your unawareness.


That is why the pre-modern people talked incessantly about demons and Satan. They had an understanding that if one could shine the light of consciousness onto evil, it would dissipate. Awareness of evil in one’s own heart is the greatest protection we have against it.

But then the intellectuals killed Satan.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau, arguably the father of the modern left, said that humans are born good, and that evil was only an external factor. This is what the left believes today, and with Satan out of the way, there is no mechanism for the radical left to recognize evil in their hearts. Resentment, hatred of the good for being good, and a vile contempt for competence has been allowed to fester and grow under the banner of social justice and identity politics.

We know where that path leads because we have walked down that road before – in the French revolution, Stalin’s death camps, the killing fields of Cambodia, and the cultural revolution of Mao.


Fortunately, we can revive the fear of Satan by translating the wisdom of the ages into a scientific language. The left still accepts the concept of the unconscious. All humans are tugged and pushed by unconscious desires and motivations all the time, and consciousness involves the process of negotiating and maneuvering in this force field.

Modern psychology describes these unconscious drives as sub-personalities, which can be thought of as simpleminded stereotypes or caricatures of a personality. Evolutionary biology teaches us that these sub-personalities in our psyche are ancient. In practice, they have existed forever and co-evolved with your ancestors.

This means that they have had nearly an eternity to practice the art of persuasion. You are only the last in an almost endless chain of ancestors who have wrestled and negotiated with these creatures in the depth of your psyche. It can be useful to think of one of these inner demons as Satan. The stories and myths of your ancestors are the stories of their struggles and experiences with the same being in your unconscious. People who recognize these dark beings in their mind are far better equipped to withstand the lure towards darkness.


One of these ancient stories you can learn from is from an ancient Semitic creature called the Gini, or Djinn in Arabic. It is a demon, from which the word “genius” derives. Gini in the bottle is the story of a demon that is bottled up in your unconscious. He is a genius at persuasion and it is stimulated into being by “rubbing the bottle.”

Under the right circumstances, he is called forth and whispers luring promises of fulfilling your deepest wishes. In most versions of the story, the Gini always keeps his promises in a way that is deeply unfulfilling, usually leaving you in a worse state.

Another famous sub-plot of the story is that once the Gini is out of the bottle, he might be difficult to get back in. Even though under normal circumstances you have a high degree of control over your unconscious processes, they can sometimes put you in a hypnotic spell-like state which the Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson calls “ideological possession.” Watch the video below to see a startling and disturbing example of that.

Back in the days when Christianity was a major cultural authority figure, the church might have described this behavior as demonic possession. Understood in the proper evolutionary context, that is surprisingly scientifically accurate.

The moral of the story is that unless you are careful, evil geniuses can manipulate you unconsciously into doing their bidding.


There is hope that people on the extreme left are open to hearing this message if framed in a scientific language. The reason is that many people who are center-left are waking up to the crazy behavior of the radical left. They are starting to understand that something is seriously wrong, but they lack the knowledge and concepts to understand it.

Psychology can provide that framework of understanding and curing ideological possession.

The first step is to acknowledge that dark ancient beings lurk in the depth of our psyche, and no-one is safe from them, especially not those who refuse to believe in their existence.


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