Hjem Ideologi Multikultur Identitærbevegelsen – Støtteaksjon til voldtekts-ofrene for Islamiseringen

Identitærbevegelsen – Støtteaksjon til voldtekts-ofrene for Islamiseringen

GI utenfor Telford shopping senter

‘Generation Identity will not stand idly by whilst people try to ignore the results of Islamisation. On Saturday morning, a group of activists held a demonstration outside Telford Shopping centre. Some held a banner, with the words “Stop Grooming Gangs, British Girls Matter”.’


Press release, 24th March 2018, Telford: Generation Identity activists deploy banner saying: “Stop Grooming Gangs, British Girls Matter”

On 11th March, The Sunday Mirror released an article about the uncovering of grooming gangs in the town of Telford. According to the Mirror, the sexual exploitation went back nearly forty years and had resulted in up to a thousand girls being affected.


There was evidence of not only sexual exploitation but forced drug use and some girls being threatened physically or even murdered for daring to go to the police. Many did try to go to the police; however, they ended up being ignored, with cases opened up years after their initial complaints.


Whilst the Mainstream Media love to talk movements like #MeToo, if the sexual exploitation involves Muslims, they stay silent or drag their feet. Although this story has shocked many, it has come as no surprise to many others. These gangs (as well their racial and religious makeup) have become a stain on modern Britain.

Faksimile, Mirror.co.uk, Mars 2018


Faksimile, lokalavisen Shropshire Star, Mai 2013



Please find an attached press release below.
Press release 24th of March 2018





Mer om det massive sex-misbruket av mindreårige («grooming») fra overveiende muslimske innvandrer-miljøer i UK

Faksimile, Mirror.co.uk Feb. 2015


Faksimile, The Sun, Aug. 2017
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