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Så nylig som 2004 ble omtrent 3000 kvinner importert til Israel som voldtektsslaver hvert år. Myndighetene har i mange år vært ekstremt neglisjerende og passive overfor problemet.

Kvinnene kom fra desperate kår i fattige land (spesielt tidligere Sovjet-land), og ble dermed lette ofre for manipulasjon. De ble smuglet via den egyptiske ørken inn til Israel, hvor de senere ble holdt som voldtektsslaver.

Den amerikanske regjeringens offisielle rapport om trafficking fra 2001 konkluderte med følgende:

«Israel is a destination country for trafficked persons, primarily
women. Women are trafficked to Israel from the New Independent
States (specifically Moldova, Russia, and Ukraine), Brazil, Turkey,
South Africa, and some countries in Asia.

The Government of Israel does not meet the minimum standards for
combating trafficking in persons, and has not yet made significant
efforts to combat the problem, although it has begun to take some
steps to do so. The Government recognizes that trafficking in
persons is a problem, but devotes limited resources to combating
it. NGO’s and some concerned government officials have criticized
the Government for failing to undertake vigorous efforts against
trafficking, especially given the occasional violent methods of
traffickers and the significant numbers of women who are trafficked
into the country.

In June 2000, the Knesset amended a 1997
prostitution law to prohibit the buying or selling of persons, or
forcing a person to leave their country of residence to engage in
prostitution. The penalties for rape and violation of the 1997
prostitution law require roughly a doubling of the sentence if the
victim is a minor.

The Government has convicted one trafficker under the new legislation. The Government has provided training to immigration officials at Ben Gurion airport.

The Government has not formally begun cooperation with other governments on
trafficking cases, but has worked with Ukrainian officials on one
trafficking case. The Government has not conducted antitrafficking
information campaigns or other efforts aimed at
prevention. Little protection is provided to trafficked persons.

Victims of trafficking are detained, jailed in a special women’s
prison separate from other female prisoners, and deported. Victims
who are willing to testify against traffickers may be granted
relief from immediate deportation, but the Government does not
actively encourage victims to raise charges against traffickers.
Israeli NGO’s have encouraged victims to take legal action. Some
victims have accused individual police officers of complicity with
brothel owners and traffickers. The Government provides limited
funding to NGO’s for assistance to victims.»

Kilder: Arkiverte rapporter fra den amerikanske stat, Fox News