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First published at Liberty Nation:

Somewhat off the radar of mainstream media, traditionalists and patriots in Europe and America have grown increasingly concerned with a phenomenon and theory which has been dubbed The Great Replacement. Originally the term was coined by the French author Renaud Camus:

“The Great Replacement is very simple. You have one people, and in the space of a generation, you have a different people.”

It is the idea that for various reasons there is an alignment of trends in the direction of falling birth rates among whites in the West and a dramatic increase in immigration from third world countries. In combination, this has led to a demographic decline for people of European descent.


In the United States, for instance, whites made up about 90% of the population before the 1965 Immigration Act, and already today they are a minority among newborns. Within a few decades, whites are destined to be a minority.

That may or may not be a problem depending on who you ask. Among whites, both on the left and on the right, this has become an increasing concern. Right-leaning whites are concerned with the fact that third world immigrants are largely left-leaning, and often bring with them crime, corruption and cultural practices that conservatives strongly disapprove of, such as Sharia, rape culture or female genital mutilation.

Center-left whites are concerned with how immigration is pushing down wages for working-class Americans. These rust belt Democrats helped secure President Donald Trump the election.


In the leftist and globalist establishment, however, these concerns are dismissed as racist. Hillary Clinton famously referred to them as the basket of deplorables. The consequence is that no public discussion has been allowed to take place about these matters that concern a significant portion of the population. A range of theories to explain the phenomenon have been allowed to roam freely and unopposed in remote echo chambers on the web.

These theories range from mainstream and benign ideas such as those promoted by moderates such as Ann Coulter in America or Generation Identity in Europe, to more malignant conspiracy theories that have found a home in fringe corners of the alt-right.

The conspiracy theories often center around a cabal of globalist Jews as the archvillains in the story. To most readers, this will come as a major surprise. Yes, really. That’s a thing, and it serves as a warning as to what happens when important concerns are neglected in the public conversation. Fortunately, most of those who are interested in the topic have not gone down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories.


If we keep immigration out of the equation for a moment, there certainly is merit to the theory, but not in the way most people expect. Yes, there is a demographic winter in the West, but not among all groups. Liberals have 41% fewer children than conservatives.

The consequence is quite dramatic. Without the 1965 immigration act, almost all states in America would have been deep red, because liberals are demographically wiping themselves out. However, the game changer is immigration. Progressives are more than compensating for their lower birthrates by importing leftist voters from the third world.

What this means is that the demographic winter that the entire West is experiencing can easily be mended, and a free society can be maintained, but the key factor that will determine the fate of the West is left-wing immigration. That seems like a national conversation worth having, hopefully without the conspiracy theories.

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