Hjem Utenriks USA Alternative Perspektiver – Trump’s tweets om MSNBC-programlederne

Alternative Perspektiver – Trump’s tweets om MSNBC-programlederne


Mark Belling gir et Alternativt Perspektiv til hvordan MSMediene i både inn- og utland har dekket USA’s President Donald Trump’s tvitring om MSNBC-programlederne Mika Brzezinski og Joe Scarborough.

Det var som gjeste-programleder på Rush Limbaugh Show – det største «talk radio»-program i USA, «Hatet og Fryktet» av de politisk korrekte – nå Fredag 30. juni, at Belling tok President Trump i forsvar angående hans tvitring, generelt og disse spesielt:

Belling fremla altså et «Alternativt Perspektiv» til det gjennomgående i MSMedienes «ekkokammer». Les / hør, sammenlign og vurder selv.
Noen utdrag fra Mark Belling:

You don’t have to defend what he said about Mika Brzezinski..
..but I do think it’s important to put all of this in context..

..Donald Trump has been, the most harshly attacked
President of the United States, in contemporary history.
It’s right up there with Nixon, on the road to being thrown out of office.
He has had more vile things said about him,
than any contemporary American politician
at least in my memory and I’m not that young.


But people who have supported Trump have been mocked and ridiculed,
a Republican member of congress wasseriously wounded, he was SHOT
they’re performing a play, I guess it’s over now,
in New York, which is where I’m broadcasting from today
in which they take Julius Caesar, they turn him into Trump
just so they can kill him at the end
and it’s TRUMP that’s the bully?? It’s Trump that’s unhinged??


Give me a break! If I’ve learned anything,
and I talk about this a lot on my program in Milwaukee, which is where I’m from,
if there’s anything I’ve learned about «Liberals» [US-lingo for sosialdemokrater og sosialister],
it’s that they like to play dirty and they like to play mean.


They justify it because they believe they have the «Moral high-ground».
They believe that they’re pursuing justice and fairness
and equality and they’re wonderful people, they’re compassionate people
therefore ANY tactic used to advance THEIR cause,
is justifiable.


So they can dish it out
and they’re dishing it out right now in levels we have never seen before:
Kathy Griffin walking around with her beheaded Trump,
major corporations bankrolling Shakespeare in the park,
showing the assassination of Trump.

They’re dishing that out but THEY can’t take anything!


What did he say about Mika Brzezinski
that’s so terrible? It may be stupid, it may be childish,..
how bad is it?
He said what? She was down at Mar A Lago, she had a face-lift,
she was bleeding 
from..[inaudible], she’s got a low IQ.
And then [he] took some shot’s 
at Joe Scarborough
who I guess, is now engaged to her.


This story is on the top of page one, of today’sNew York Times,
and they go in there getting reactions from everyone, I mean all of Washington DC..

..[MSMedia claim] Mr. Trump’s invectives threaten to further erode
his support from Republican women and independents. How do you know?
How do they know it’s going to do that?
How do they know that this is going to drive Republican women away from Trump?
I don’t think it will, but I admit; I don’t know either.


Now I don’t watch the «Morning Joe».
But I do know, that they have been harshly critical of the President,
and I know that Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski,
have repeatedly questioned President Trump’s mental health and stability.
They’ve been doing this for months.


They suggest that he’s not tethered to reality,
they suggest that he’s «unhinged».
So they get to take that shot, at the President of the United States,
and what? No-one can fire BACK?
No-one can criticize THEM?


Now, maybe you can make the case,
that it ought to come from somebody other than President Trump.
That spokespeople ought to respond.
I don’t know why that’s the case?


First of all, this is who Donald Trump IS.
He tweets. He says abrasive things.
When you pop him in the face, he’s gonna pop you back
two times!
And everybody who voted for him knew that.

It’s not like all of a sudden Trump became president and started tweeting,
it was all he was doing when he was running for president.
And the people who elected him knew exactly what they were getting.


Is it in poor taste? Again; I don’t much care.
Because the poor taste that is just overwhelming this country,
is what is being directed at the President and his supporters.


When the President goes out and speaks,
the protest groups that are hanging around on the outside,
overwhelm the security officers.
The rhetoric that’s been directed toward the President,
is language that has never been used toward an American President.
That’s the problem that we have.


We have an environment in which
a Bernie Sanders supporter goes all the way to Washington,
so obsessed with the evil that he thinks consumes these Republicans,
that he feels as though he needs to KILL them.
So No, I’m not much concerned about what the President is tweeting
about one of the people that does a cable-show in the morning.


About this «but it’s not presidential» -stuff:


..Maybe we don’t want a president tweeting,
something about one of his media-critics that..kind of hit’s a little hard.
Maybe we don’t want that.


But don’t give me this «moral high-ground» -stuff,
this sanctimony about him lowering the standards of the Presidency.
Is his tweet about Mika Brzezinsky worse,
than getting 
oral sex in the Oval Office from an intern?
Give me a break! 
You hypocrites!


The United States of America, lost Americans, in Libya,
terrorists attackers on our Consulate,
and the President of the United States and his mouth-piece of the time,
the UN-ambassador Susan Rice,
came out and lied to the American people and said that this was about
some stupid movie, a video that was on YouTube.


We were not told the truth, about a terror attack that took American lives
and you’re worried about Trump’s tweet??
Tell me what’s presidential and what isn’t presidential.
This outrage is all fake.

My name is Mark Belling and I’m filling in for Rush.


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Typisk for disse, er at de refererer ett (1) av «Morning Joe» –programledernes angrep på President Trump eller at det er usikkert ‘..hva Trump hisset seg opp over..’ (Aftenposten), mens Mark Bellings perspektiv var altså (blant annet):

I know that Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, have repeatedly questioned President Trump’s mental health and stability. They’ve been doing this for months. They suggest that he’s not tethered to reality. They suggest that he’s «unhinged».

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Greg Gutfeld’s Alternative Perspektiv (og gjester)

I dette klippet vises også noen av personangrepene på President Trump, fra «Morning Joe» -programlederne samt fra gjester. Som:

..he looked like a thug, he looked like a goon..what an embaressement..
..Donald Trump again, being a schmuck..
..nothing makes a man feel better, than making a fake cover of a magazine about himself, lying every day and destroying the country..
..he’s a pig, he’s a vulgar pig..he’s physically disgusting to look at..he’s not mentally OK..


..og naturligvis: Diamond and Silk’s beskjed til Mika and Joe:


Litt om Rush Limbaugh Show

Rush Limbaugh Show er primært tilgjengelig via radiosendinger i USA, men også tilgjengelig som Podcast, video fra studio, også via app, når man er medlem gjennom Limbaugh’s nettsted. Det blir også hyppig kopiert til YouTube og lignende, både hele sendinger og utvalgte klipp. Du finner hele det aktuelle programmet blant annet på denne YouTube -kanalen: