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Free speech conference successful in spite of threats of violence with butyric acid.

Press release

Oslo, May 31th 2017 — Saturday the 27th of May, the alternative Norwegian news site Ekte Nyheter (Real News) arranged a freedom of speech conference “The New Political Reality” in Oslo, Norway. The goal was to give a voice to movements and groups that are popular and trending in Europe, but that are either silenced or have their messages distorted by the mainstream media. The topics ranged from Trump and Brexit to climate skeptics and Generation Identity.

One of the speakers, Martin Sellner of the Austrian Identitarian Movement (Identitäre Bewegung Österreich), is regularly branded by the far left as a neo-fascist. When leftist radicals heard about the conference, they tried to organize a boycott of the bookstore Eldorado which was used for the conference.

The radicals made threats of violence with butyric acid against Eldorado. The Oslo police took the terror threats seriously and had sizeable forces to secure the location. Sellner arrived early and was smuggled out the back door after request by the police, without the activists noticing. By the time most of the activists had arrived, the conference was already over, and they had to leave the event disgruntled and demoralized.

Sellner commented that “it seems like radical leftists have a hard time getting up in the morning.”

– “We only want what indigenous peoples across the world want, which is to secure one’s own culture and the right to a homeland. When the Sami people, the Jews or the Palestinians say they want an homogenous country or an autonomous region to preserve their culture, no-one calls them racist or neo-Nazi. Why is it so horrible when we want the same thing in a peaceful way?” said Martin Sellner.

Sellner also said he would come back to Norway to speak again in the future, if invited. “Norway has been a fascinating and beautiful experience because the Sun stays up so late in the evening at this time of year. I would love to come back.”

Sellner’s talk at the conferance.