I forbindelse med at Ekte Nyheter arrangerer konferansen “Den nye politiske virkeligheten” intervjuer vi i forkant samtlige foredragsholdere. Sistemann ut er lederen for Generasjon Identitet i Østerrike, også kjent som Identitærbevegelsen. Han skal snakke om europeisk identitet og den kulturelle oppvåkningen som pågår i Europa for tiden.

What is European identity for you?

– Its the ethno-cultural heritage of all the European peoples, their languages, their religions and first of all, their memories.

Europe is, from its beginning in ancient Greece a narrative and a history. We are one chapter of this history and we want it to continue

What is the Identitarian movement?

– We are European youth movement that is using activism to raise awareness of the problems of mass immigration and islamisation.

What is the goal of Identitarian movement? Why do you have this goal?

– We want to end mass immigration and the failed politics of multiculturalism in Europe. The root to this mess is the dogmatic control of our media and therefore the public opinion. We want a free and open debate about those issues, so we are fighting against the speech cult of political correctness as an avantgarde for the silent majority.

How are you trying to achieve this goal?

– With our peaceful and creative activism online and on the streets, we are uniting, organizing and activating the silent majority. We confront the globalist elites with the inconvenient truth about their policies. We give an example to the masses by showing our faces, getting on the streets, conquering the buildings of our adversaries, and making a stand for our identity in the public space.

The mass media has tried to label The Identitarian movement and you personally both racist and and neo-Nazi, what is their motivation for doing this and how how do you respond to these accusations?

– They do this because they have no answers to our questions. Our Generation was raised with a media lie about the «bright future» of diversity and mass immigration. We are realizing the realities of islamisation and ethnic fragmentation. When we started to denounce the elites, they immediately called us «extremists», to isolate us from society. But its them who are «extreme» and created this extreme situation in Europe. We have nothing to do with old ideologies or hatred of other. We just want to preserve our own heritage.

Your personal Facebook page has over 3500 followers and your FB-like page has over 13 000 likes, how important is social media for you and the Identitarian movement in Austria? And do you think Zuckerberg and Merkel will purge you given their new collaboration against so called «hate speech»?

– In fact its 14 K likes at the moment (editors remark: close to 16 K at the time of publishing). Our movements FB-page has over 30 K in Austria and over 50 K in Germany. Social media is a key in our struggle. With images and videos we are bypassing the biased mainstream media and directly reach the people. We are creating our own pages and counter-media to be prepared for potential «purges» of alternative media. But if they really take that desperate measure it will only make us stronger. The demand for real news and unfiltered messages is there and growing. It will not go away and neither will we.

You latest project «Patriot Peer» got shut down by Kickstarter, what is «Patriot Peer» and what were the justification for killing your crowdfunding campaign?

– They called it «hate speech» although there was no political message at all in the description. The only goal of the app is to connect patriots and dissidents who are isolated and suppressed by the politically correct dogma. Kickstarter censorship just proofed our point. In the meantime we have already raised more money with our own Kickstarter page. The message is clear: they are hypocrites and we donʼt need them.

You were presently attacked by Antifa in Vienna. What happened and how did the media react to what happened?

– It happens all the time in Vienna. The media is describing us like evil «Nazi-Monsters» thus creating an atmosphere of hatred and violence. In the eyes of the extreme left terrorist we have no right to free speech or to even exist. They burned down my parents car, doxx activists, attack us on the streets, just like they did with me in Vienna recently, with a squat of masked thugs. Like the other activists from my movement I know how to defend my self and used my pepper spray against them. Its a legal weapon and as the police as proven in the meantime it was a textbook case of self defense. However the leftist media in Austria made it look like i was going on a rampage. «Right wing leader shoots around aimlessly in Subway», was the common headline. This case shows: our real enemy is not on the streets but in the editors office.

What do you think will be the future media reality?

– I think we will witness a real media revolution within the next years. The demand for real news is growing and until now there was no real offer. New YouTube channels, news outlets, magazines, books and blogs are being created every week. The desperate attempt of the media to counter this with the idiotic term of «fake news» backfired completely. Instead of changing there biased and condescending style of distorting the news, the created a «front line», on which they are bound to loose.

With the use of social media, new experiments like patriotic apps, viral videos, and actions on the streets we will take down their monopoly. Our growing power will force them to change and give us a place in the public debate, or they will go down inevitably to leave space for new alternative media.